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Walking in Purity

Lets Empower Our Youth With Skills for 




The Purity Class is an auxiliary of the Women's Department of the Church of God in Christ. It was founded in 1926 by the late Mother C.J. Johnson. The aim of the Purity Class is to help keep in focus the true values of good morals, high standards of living, Christian virtues and to discourage all forms of behavior that violate true Christian worship.


Through the Purity Class, puritans (ages 13-19) will have the opportunity to learn social graces, courtesy, manners, money management and practical reactions to life's experiences.

Purity begins with the Bible

At Faith Tabernacle, we believe that purity is a Ministry that begins with exhorting biblical principles of Jesus Christ to our young people. It is our mission to provide our young people throughout the community with the instruction and support they need to cultivate Christian virtues, integrity, and social graces while preparing them to lead with dignity and high moral codes. Through our Ministry of Purity Class, we aim to help our community youth develop a deep understanding of their faith and a commitment to living a pure and righteous life.

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Purity Prayer

Lord, for tomorrow and its need, I do not pray
Keep me from every strain of sin, just for today
Let me no wrong or idle words, unthinking say
Set thou a seal upon my lips, just for today.
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Creed Creed.......

Let therefore, Purity Reign

In the heart of every boy and girl

or Mister and Miss Purity

Let Purity Rule

Let Purity Govern

Let it be your inner-most being

Purity - Purity - Purity


P Principles for which we stand

U Unity our first demand

R Righteousness for which God calls

I Initiative to sin within all

T Talent God gave each to use

Y Youth so easy to abuse

C Cleanliness for one and all


L Loveliness for this duty call

A Attitude the pass key for success

S Salvation through which all are blessed

S Sincerity on which hang all the rest



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